The Krippled Dogz are a hard rock band  that writes and performs original songs. Many of them are about military life and military families based upon the band member's extensive (over 40 years) military experiences and those of family and friends who have served our country. The band has been in existence since 2010. Gus Mancuso, a retired Army Officer, is one of the band's founding members, plays bass and is the band's manager. Jimmy Youngblood joined the band as vocalist in mid-2010, has written many of the lyrics and vocal melodies, and plays guitar. Jason Mancuso joined the band after he returned from overseas having completed his service in the Air Force. He is a combat veteran, plays guitar, and does most of the arrangements. Danny Snyder served as an Army Officer and did a tour of combat duty in Iraq. He joined the band in October 2014 and is the drummer.

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